Water Mains will be replaced on a prioritized basis
throughout the entire water system.

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The Voorhees and Nibco elevated storage tanks
will be rehabilitated. This includes new interior and exterior coating for all metal surfaces of the tank; power wash and spot repair interior surfaces, repair catwalks and guard rails repair access hatches and ladders, repair tank support grouting, removal and replacement of various piping. Pavement repair, site grading.

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The Cox Mill Well has been abandoned. The Vorhees, West Voorhees and Acacia Street wells will be replaced or upgraded. A new 400 gallons per minute well will be added to the system.

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A new 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank will be added to the system. The Voorhees elevated storage tank and Nibco elevated storage tank will be rehabilitated. t

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Automatic flushing devices will be installed in key locations throughout the water system to ensure the highest water quality is maintained without the use of manpower.

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